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Area Rug Cleaning Woodward OK


According to experts, nearly 79 percent of soil that gathers on rugs and carpets contains sand. Because soil is abrasive and gritty, it slowly damages carpet fibers. When fibers wear away, the surface of a rugs gains a dull appearance. If the soil is not professionally removed, it will drop to the bottom of the pile. If this happens, the sharp edges of the soil will rub against the fibers each time someone walks on the rug. Over time, the pile will become thin. As a result, the damaged sections will be quite obvious. The only solution to this problem is professional rug cleaning. Our technicians use advanced equipment that removes deeply embedded soil from rug fibers.Starches, greases, and oils also soil carpeting. This problems result from heating devices, cooking fumes, and machine exhausts. Because oils, starches, and greases are acidic, contain detergents must be used during cleaning.

Food particles are another problem because they attract bacteria, mold, and dust mites. Each day, we shed dead skin, which drops into the carpet fibers. This is also a problem since the microbes fed off of the dead skin. By hiring our professional technicians at Rug Beaters, bacteria and mold will never affect the indoor air quality.

The process of cleaning residue from carpeting is a complicated for homeowners. Gum, resin, tar, and oils are the most challenging soils to remove because they usually bond with the fibers. We remove these types of soils with different chemicals. After the chemicals are applied, we agitate the carpet so that we can loosen and remove the soils.

How To Protect Your Investment

Never walk on your rugs in your street shoes because they may soil the fibers. Instead, always wear house shoes when you travel throughout your home. Walking bare feet is not recommended because your skin produces oils that attach to the rug fibers. Over time, the oils will attract dirt, which will make the carpet appear dull.